Welcome to KFT Brands!

AKA "Keeping Fit Together"

We're so excited you're here! We are Tisa & Tate, NEW OWNERS of KFT.

After years as a competitive athlete (acrobat), I spent A LOT of my time in workout shorts and sports bras. Now, when choosing fitness wear, all I want is comfort, movement, support and fun colors ;).

One of the things Tate and I enjoy together is working out and focusing on a healthy lifestyle. So after stumbling upon KFT Brands a few years ago, we were instantly fans! When the opportunity presented itself recently to take over KFT, we jumped on it! The shorts , sports bras, and other apparel are amazing, but it was really the "KEEPING FIT TOGETHER" community that we were excited to be a part of!

Our goal for KFT is to encourage and support anyone working towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. Whether you're an olympic athlete, or just getting started on your fitness journey, KFT will be the best active lifestyle clothing you can wear, all while being a part of this amazing KFT community!

Cheers to moving forward and "Keeping Fit Together!" 

Tisa & Tate

Owners, KFT Brands

Always Moving Forward