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        Welcome to KFT Brands!

        AKA "Keeping Fit Together"

        We're Lacey and Dustin Baier, Owners of KFT, and we're stoked you're here.

        We take feeling good during your workout very seriously around here.

        Your identity as an athlete doesn't start with your outfit, but your choice in what you wear helps to surround yourself with the vibe, and can push you to perform even harder.

        And we are all about that vibe. 🦈

        At KFT Brands, you can expect high-quality designs, squat-proof fabrics, attention to comfort and function, vibrant colors and fun patterns to match your energy.

        Your KFT gear will be the best first bra and shorts you reach for, day in and day out.  We provide high-quality, motivational, and comfortable athletic gear to help push you to be better because there's something bigger happening around here. 

        Lacey + Dustin Baier

        Owners, KFT Brands

        Always Moving Forward