Open Letter About our values

Dear Friends,
I have been very vocal about where KFT stands on racism and Black Lives Matter. I have done my very best to be transparent and engage in thoughtful conversation.
Watching affiliates defalliate has had me wondering about what this shift will look like for KFT too. We have never sponsored an official CF event, but have provided a lot of gear to many competitors over the years for sanctioned events and regionals (remember those?!). Also, I have been a crossfitter for many years. It is built into this community even if it is just informally.
My issues with the silence, inaction and then overt racism from HQ stemmed from my firm belief that racism is a public health issue and to ignore that or minimize it is to not serve the health of the community you are claiming to.
I want to support everyone who is engaging in the work of improving health and wellness.
To that end, I believe there is a small community around KFT too.
As a white, Jewish, middle class cisgender woman in an a hetero marriage, I have a lot of privilege. With that privilege comes a lot of responsibility and I have been thinking how to best use that moving forward to cultivate a community that is truly inviting and supportive of all of its members.
I have spent a lot of time reflecting on knowledge I have from my own formal and informal education in equity, my career and how I can move this into the platform and community. Also, I have been listening and learning from Black females and will continue to do more of that. As a feminist, I feel strongly we can learn a lot from women in particular, so I lean toward their voices.
Moving forward, I hope to push the conversation and awareness forward. Keeping the conversation going so we understand that there are issues that affect BIPOC, particularly the Black community and their health outcomes.
Keeping in mind, I am just one person, here are things I am committed to doing:
  1. Adding more representations of BIPOC to the website and social media.
  2. Hiring and seeking out BIWOC when there is a need to work with a professional
  3. Continue anti-racist education, including my current enrollment in equity education graduate courses. Sharing resources openly with this community.
  4. Continued sharing books for both children and adults on the topic of anti-racism and #ownvoices books.
  5. Using KFT to raise awareness for the issues affecting the health outcomes for BIPOC communities. This means each month I will be sharing information about some area of health (ex. Black maternal health) and donating a portion of the proceeds to an appropriate organization.
  6. Promoting Black owned businesses, including those who sell apparel.
  7. Partnering only with organizations that have clearly stated initiatives for making their businesses anti-racist
  8. In the event that KFT should scale up, I will hire a diversity and inclusion consultant to navigate that process.
  9. Recognize I will mess up, but be willing to work on those mistakes and move forward
  10. Be open to suggestions from the community
Friends, I want it to be clear, I am learning and growing but I am here for all humans and support the health of all. We cannot be a fully healthy community in mind or body without committing to not just stand up for what is overtly wrong, but working to change the systems that are in place. We must all be uncomfortable for real lasting change to occur.
So much love, 
P.S. In the spirit of full disclosure and transparency, I will continue to use the photography of Richard Veytsman, but I will add others, primarily WOC. I have grown close to Richard and his family over the years and appreciate the relationship we have built. Additionally, he waived his fee from our last session and insisted I donate the money to an organization supporting BLM. I selected the Conscious Kid's Anti-Racist Children’s Books Education Fund as it aligns with my belief that books are incredible tool for conversations with children about race and other issues. Whenever I use him in the future, I will donate to a similiar cause. 
If there are any other concerns about decisions made or my actions, please contact:

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