Hello new friends!

Lacey Baier

Posted on June 25 2021

Hello new friends! 

Dustin (@dustinbaier) and I (@laceybaier) are very excited to be taking over at KFT. 👏

We have spent quite a lot of time over the past year getting to know @allisonm.alexander, and we believe this opportunity to own and grow KFT is the perfect fit all around.

A little about us…

We live in Dallas, TX with our 4 kiddos (ages 3-12) where we run the health and wellness site, @ASweetPeaChef. We love living a healthy and active lifestyle, and follow strength training, clean(ish) eating, and adventure as much as possible.

We are currently building out our protein powder and supplement brand, @the.cleanish, in addition to maintaining various online channels, particularly on YouTube and Instagram.

Our vision for KFT will maintain its playful attitude and focus on fitness and fun. We have already started creative work on updating the brand a bit more to really focus on being a shark -- not looking backwards, always progressing, being better inside and out each day. This couldn’t be more in line with our cleanish tagline, which is #betterthanyesterday!

We know the community of KFT is super important, and we are here to support that, and continue to foster a fun, healthy environment.

Please reach out with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have -- we’d love to get to know you more!

Lacey and Dustin

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