Overdue Introduction

Allison Alexander

Posted on December 18 2017


Hey! I'm glad you are here. In case you have ever wanted to put a face to Allison @ KFT, here I am! 

Recently it occurred to me (and was pointed out not so subtly) that I have a very minimal personal presence on KFTs social media and site. I suppose this wouldn't be notable if the company itself weren't so deeply personal. There are a good number of customers that I message with on a regular basis, so I feel  like you know me, but in reality, that is probably not the case. 

There are a number of small (mostly female owned) companies that I fiercely support and many of them have owner's who are active on social media and I love that! I feel like I can relate to the day to day of the girl boss hustle... and yet, I don't post myself on ours or keep up with a personal one. Why???

After a lot of thought, I figured it out. Kind of. I am not shy or self conscious at all, but I love sharing other people and also.. I am a mom and I am often behind the camera not in front of it. I can provide you with 985 pictures of my daughter from the last week, but today when I scrolled through my phone, I haven't saved one of myself since October. In fact, I started a personal IG account after the birth of my daughter in 2010 (when no one  used it!) solely to post all of the pictures I took of her so as not to flood my Facebook feed. And then I sort of stopped using it and it never became about me. 

I've thought about picking a personal IG back up again, but it never feels authentic for me. And truthfully, I am not tech-savvy or patient enough to make it interesting enough to capture what goes on in my head accurately.  So I need to figure something else out so the people I appreciate so much who support this small adventure can see there is a real human behind it all! And maybe get a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes here at KFT. 

So here we go. I am going to try to be better and try to post here (when I think about it) to share myself more since you all so graciously bring KFT into your lives to share with me and I am enormously grateful for that! 

This is wordy enough so here is a quick list of random facts about KFT and me to close this out! 

  • KFT doesn't have any employees. It's just me, Allison. I have people who offer help and assist me with decisions when I am unsure, but all orders are packed by me and I answer all of your emails. 
  • Designs and prints are mostly chosen on a whim. I am not sure I should admit this, but it is the truth. In general, the crazier the print, the more I love it!
  • As a kid, I never played a sport. I was very anti-fitness/ exercise until I turned 22. More on this another day. 
  • I have never met an olive I didn't love.
  • Before I started designing clothing, I was an avid quilter.
  • My favorite workout song is "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol. 
  • If I were a famous musician, my signature cover song would be "Danger Zone." (If you don't know what yours would be, I HIGHLY encourage you to think about it!)

Thank you for supporting this crazy dream of mine! Next time I will dive into what's coming next for KFT! 


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  • Kat Estrada: December 18, 2017

    Thanks for sharing and nice to meet you, Allison! ?

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